Posted: 7 May 2014

The general assembly of shareholders of Sicep spa, joined in second round of meetings, has approved Budget 2013.

Main data:

  • Turnover 15.435.939 Euro
  • EBITDA 1.782.548 Euro
  • EBIT 552.792 Euro
  • Net result 35.757 Euro
  • Net Property 14.384.206 Euro
  • Fixed assets 20.873.956 Euro

The result achieved in this global scenario that records the peak of the crisis in the sector, confirms the predictions made in the budget for the financial year 2012 about quality of choices and corporate policies.
Sicep has found new business lines that have permitted to diversify the activities in new areas, allowing both to ensure the continuity of the activities of the establishments in the medium term and to open new markets. Contracts defined with the Russian Federation are on going and Sicep Tunis is already at maximum revs.

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