Condor Shed System arises from the need to install photovoltaic on the roof of the buildings.

It is an evolution of traditional Condor System. Such solution sobstitutes fibrecement sheets and insulated corrugated sheets for flat sheets able to host photovoltaic panels. 

AGRIPLANETCondor Shed System allows to design different solutions according to interaxis between Condor slabs and to the height of the Shed. In relationship to these two variables  the angle of installation of the photovoltaic panels changes and therefore the length of the panels.

It is possible to achieve a perfect integration between panels and prefabricated structures by  studying Suitably building’s dimensions.


  • Typical advantages of Condor structure (low weight, fire resistance, optimal disposal of the rainwaters, easy maintenance, etcc);
  • Installation of PV modules without the use of  any metallic structures;
  • Positioning of PV modules with a 7 % slope ;
  • No restrictions on PV  panel orientation.
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