OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe development of technology and engineering has led precast concrete to extend its field of action from the traditional single-story buildings to the most challenging multi-floor buildings.

They are quite demanding especially in seismic areas such as those in which the SICEP works.

Multi-story buildings are precisely what made Sicep’s success realize, as well as its undisputed leadership, recognized by the market for its characteristics, which include high-level engineering, technologically advanced and high-quality production, and high-quality customer-focused service. And the realizations made in the latest years, some of which being completed, prove that.

SICEP preferred not to standardize a multi-floor building system, as it did for single-floor, believing that  flexibility and performance, necessary prerequisites, were more easily achievable by identifying the best solution for each work,  gleaning from a wide range of components that the company is able  to produce, and using engineering,  which is the “mother” of the “prefabricator of excellence.”
In other words, as regards multi-floor system, SICEP is much more than a producer of components; it is a creator of cutting-edge solutions.

Following up such a strategic line, further studies for the development of highly innovative systems are in progress.

The products used for multi-story buildings are:

  • ceiling pillars with story beam setup;
  • Beams of various sections (inverted T, L etc.) on c.a.v or c.a.p;
  • TT roofing elements of different height and section on o c.a.p.
  • VIGOR V-section roofing elements of different height and section on c.a.p;
  • Exterior panels often designed in collaboration with customer’s designer.

All structures are designed considering strong overloads often required and fire resistance. VIGOR elements, in particular, combine performance in terms of overloading and fire, with an excellent finishing touch, due to the construction technology and with the possibility of channeling the plants.

Flexibility allows in many cases to use for the roofing of the last elevation the ONDAL® system with consequent advantages.


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