The external Infill  is the element that characterizes the architectural figure of the entire building.

Therefore, It is necessary that it meets the architectural requirements of the designer, and at the same time, it needs to be both a high-quality and long-lasting product .

It can have varying degrees of insulation, offering the outer surface in different colour , and also a combinations between them. For hangers, panels are available with vertical and /or horizontal joints, and can be thick from 20 to 30 cm.


Pannelli a giunti verticali Pannelli a giunti verticali

Panels with vertical joints

Pannelli a giunti orizzontali Pannelli a giunti orizzontali Pannelli a giunti orizzontali

Panels with horizontal joints

with varying degrees of insulation and with the possibility, today widely practiced, to have the outer surface of grit of different color and also with combinations between them.

Verde Alpi e Perlato di Sicilia

Green alps and Pearl of Sicily

Verde Alpi e mista

Green alps and mixed

Rosso verona

Red Verona

Perlato di Sicilia

Pearl of Sicily

Basalto Lavico

Basalt Lava

Perlato di Sicilia ed inserti lavici

Peral of Sicily and Lava inserts

Bicolore Perlato di Sicilia e Rosso Verona

Bicolor Peral of Sicily and  red Verona

Bicolore Perlato di Sicilia e Rosso Verona

Bicolor Pearl of Sicily and red Verona

Misto Perlato di Sicilia e Rosso Verona

Mixed Pearl of Sicily and red Verona

The 30 cm panels can be made as the “ventilated type”, which has, alongside continuous insulation, a vertical air chamber, where the natural motion of the air flows .

The thermal break panels th. 24/30 cm have a U that goes from 0.43 to 0.26 W / mqK, which is an indisputable advantage for environments subject to conditioning.

For multi-storey buildings, panels are often directly designed in close collaboration with clients’ technicians, in order to achieve the architectural result they aim at.

SICEP panels have energy performance certification issued according to UNI EN ISO 6946: 2018 by ICMQ, under DM 02/04/98.

All anchoring systems used are provided by certified organizations.

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