Sicep plant of BelpassoSicep plant of Belpasso

Sicep’s plant of Belpasso rises up on an area of about 120,000 sq.m of which over 25,000 sq.m covered and about 30,000 sq.m. for the storage of finished products served by overhead cranes.
The plant has been designed and developed as a model among the most modern and technologically advanced structures, where innovation is combined with tradition for a company whose name is synonymous with professionalism and reliability.

An optimized lay-out on the goal of minimizing handling cost, the use of the most advanced technologies for concrete production and distribution, detailed analysis of production processes, state-of-the-art moulds, allow the highest quality and performance production.

Sicep plant of Ragusa

Sicep plant  of RagusaSicep’s plant of Ragusa is located at Z.I. of Ragusa (phase III) on an area of 42,500 sq.m, of which 10,500 sq.m covered and about 24,500 sq.m served by overhead cranes for the storage of finished products.

The plant has undergone thorough a renovation in the year 2005, which resulted in a new definition of the layout with the construction of new production lines, new storage areas, installation of a new concrete plant and a new concrete distribution system.

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