The certifications


SICEP has been one of the first companies in the industry that adopted a quality system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001. The certification was entrusted to ICMQ, the Institute of the industry  with specific and professional skills. The first certification, “design and manufacture of precast concrete” dates back to 1993. In 2001, we obtained a further certification for “construction with structural precast concrete”, which extends the scope of certifications to the whole Company’s business. Then, the certification of the product concerning the energy characteristics of precast lightened  has been added.

On 05/30/2007 ICMQ granted SICEP the certification of “factory production control according to the CE marking of precast concrete products regulated by the System 2+” for the following standards:

  • EN 13224: Ribbed floor elements
  • EN 13225: linear structural elements
  • EN 13693: roof elements
  • EN 14992: wall elements
  • EN 15050: bridge elements

Certificates: n.1305 – CPR – 0500 (Belpasso) – 19/11/2013 update; n.1305 – CPD – 0471 (Ragusa).

On 30/11/2016 the Committee of Certification has granted the Quality Management System Certification to Sicep (international standard ISO 3834-2) concerning the manufacturing of metal insert to be used in concrete elements.

Also, Sincep has the following certifications too:

  • SOA – Qualification for the execution of public works certificate n.43384 /17/00;
    • Cat. OG1 Class VI 
    • Cat. OS13, Class VIII, Class amount Unlimited, reinforced concrete  prefabricated structure;

On 29/1/2020 Sicep obtained the Factory Production Control Certificate for CE marking of steel structures according n.1305-CPR-1376 to the European Regulation CPR 305/2011 / EU.


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