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About us

SICEP is a leading company in the design, production and installation of concrete and prefabrication systems for industrial and commercial building industry, for logistics and infrastructure in general.

Operating in the market for 70 years, SICEP is now the leading producer of SOUTHERN ITALY with two plants (factories, mills) in Sicily. It also works in international markets with a design firm in Tunisia.

ISO 9001 and 45001 certifications and SOA OS13 qualification,  allow the company to present itself as the ideal partner in the markets where prefabrication systems are employed, both in the private and public works. Our know-how and technologies developed in an international context make a difference compared to a traditional manufacturer precast concrete components.

Company history

Operating for sixty years to find out building solutions, SICEP led the development of the prefabrication of concrete in Sicily in the early 60s, testing techniques for pre-stressed reinforced concrete and the first great  span constructions.

In the late 1970s, SICEP identified its core business and its vocation in the design and implementation of concrete systems for both industrial and commercial construction industry, and for infrastructures.

The beginning of work on the construction of the plant in Belpasso, which represents the largest and most modern production unit of Southern Italy, dates back the late 1980s. Nowadays, the Company presents itself to investors and designers with a range of products and services, professional skills and a customer-focused mentality, able to meet customers’ needs at the highest levels. Proof of that are the buildings made on behalf of great traders of both building industry and large retailing, as well as the widespread presence of SICEP throughout the ground in both small and midsize building sites. Transparency, accuracy and timeliness, as well as attention to details, are our main characteristics. In other words, a customer-focused mission.

How we work

Cutting-edge production facilities in Italy and Tunisia.
A tendency towards internationalization positively proven.
An efficient organizational structure, a team of expert and skilled technicians with proven multidisciplinary and international experience.

A widespread technical-commercial organization, serious, transparent and efficient, always able to ensure customer satisfaction, providing all the necessary support in the different stages of the process. It consists of engineers whose goal is first of all to be “consultants” to provide customized technical and economic solutions for Customer’s specific needs.

The overall commercial stage, from the preliminary design of the offer to the economic analysis, is carried out using advanced softwares  and technologies.

The wide range of typological solutions and the flexibility of production processes make  significant adaptations to the growing needs of customization possible, with th e opportunity  for the designer to think in terms of prefabrication without being constrained by the limits of repetition or large series.

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