On 31/3/2015 the research project “PON01_01725” has been completed.

Posted: 15 July 2015

On 31/3/2015 the research project “PON01_01725” has been completed. The project concerns “New Photovoltaic Technology for Smart Systems Integrated in buildings”.
Sicep has developed an integrated system “thermal insulation – waterproofing – photovoltaic panels – solar thermal panels – heat exchanger – intelligent (smart?) controller” capable to convert Solar Energy in Electricity and Heat usable by users, minimizing heat loss. Such System can satisfy both residential and industrial users. It was designed to be adopted in new buildings with Ondal-shed roof system, but it is applicable to existing buildings as well, offering the opportunity to increase photovoltaic performance of 5 – 6 % and to recover additional thermal energy of more than 20 – 25 %.
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