SICEP INV: a tool for diversification and development

Posted: 13 February 2015

By Mr Azzia’s notary deed, stipulated on 12/18/2014 in Catania and registered on 12/30/2014, Sicep Inv comes arises from Sicep Spa demerger.
Sicep Inv is going to lead all Sicep Group’s foreign businesses and is determined to manage and develop foreign markets with continuity by exploiting the know-how, expertise and experience of Sicep’s team.
In addiction, in his portfolio Sicep Inv has the 1 MW photovoltaic system installed on the factory’s roof in Belpasso. Such system could be increased
in the future.
After this corporate demerger Sicep SpA is keeping dealing with traditional core business concerning precasting in Sicily in the factories of Catania and Ragusa. Sicep Inv SpA is dealing both with traditional core business in Tunisia, by Sicep Tunisie for precast activities and Prefa Concept for designing activities, and with engineering, managing and consulting services in the other countries (at present in Russian Federation and in Saudi Arabia).

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