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ONDAL® is the name of an innovative pulsed system of structural components for the industrial building and services industries; it was the result of years of research, experimentations, studies, controls and comparisons conducted by Studio DLC of Milan.

The structure combines maximum structural efficiency and performance with a high aesthetic and formal values for surfaces harmoniously jointed.

dettaglio-ONDALThe system stands out for its high insulating power in ventilated roofing, with a high fire resistance (R120 up to R180, according to the law Uni 9502).
The system benefits the flexibility of small size flat roofing, as well as the reliability of pitched and highly leaning roofing, as regards the disposal of rainwater.

The “cloak” was developed being aware that one of the most delicate stages when designing a building warehouse is putting the finishing touches on the roof.

Insulation passes on the extrados of the roofing, and it can be calibrated according the needs. Waterproofing has several options, with sheaths or plates (fiber cement, metal or aluminum) that allow roof summer ventilation.

The thermal insulation values obtainable are significant, even in the presence of natural lighting.

Polycarbonate skylights, fixed or opening and motorised  windows shed, conduits for evacuation of smoke and heat, burglar proofing gates, roof walkways for maintenance of any equipment placed on the roof, joint sealing on intrados, colouring, are all valued and already tested elements that the Company makes available to customers.

Millions of square meters of roofing made in Europe over the past decade prove the extreme effectiveness and the great success of ONDAL® system.

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Plates with skylight

Front plates

Cement sheets or aluminum

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