With you, at every stage

With our proven 6-step work method, we follow clients and their work from design to testing. Here’s how:

1.Comparison and evaluation dialogue

We discuss your needs, your expectations, the needs of the project and think of the best possible solution. We will evaluate implementation times and costs. Your project takes shape from here.

2. Planning

Our team of engineers will take care of every detail. The project will then be shared in order to have maximum control, in black and white, before moving on to the production and construction phase.

3. Work schedule

Punctuality and precision govern our work. Thanks to careful planning of all the steps, we are able to meet every deadline and guarantee flexibility.

4. Production in the factory

Automated systems and state-of-the-art technologies in our plant have made us one of the largest production companies in southern Italy.

5. Construction

The work takes shape. Thanks to our experience we are able to follow any construction site, from traditional ones to those with complex structures, with speed and precision in execution.

6. Delivery and testing

With the completion of the finishing works and the delivery, we close the circle. Work followed in every aspect, completely customised, even turnkey, in compliance with the expected times and costs.

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