Safety Policy

SICEP S.p.A.’s Management, aware of the importance of prevention and protection in the field of Health and Safety, has implemented within its organisational structure a Health and Safety Management System compliant with ISO 45001:2018.

To allow the implementation of this policy and improve it over time, Management has made available (and will continue to do so within the available resources) the technical, economic and human resources necessary to keep the management system constantly updated.

Management has also committed to defining objectives and goals over time integrated with operational management that can be monitored, to allow the necessary improvement actions.

SICEP S.p.A.’s mission is to run its industrial business to the best of its ability:

“design and production of precast structural components in concrete and constructions with precast structural components in concrete”

For this reason, SICEP S.p.A. considers the Safety Management System compliant with the ISO 45001:2018 health and safety standard as the strategic operational tool to guarantee growth and economic development.

SICEP S.p.A. bases its policy on competence, preparation and prevention, committing itself in constant compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements and the organisation’s compliance obligations, to consolidate the company culture of continuous improvement and that of the effectiveness and efficiency of all business aspects.

Every commitment, set out in this policy, is based on the work and the human aspect of the people of SICEP S.p.A.

All workers are required to make a contribution that is not only operational, but also qualitative and proactive depending on the role they play in the company.

SICEP S.P.A.’s mission is guaranteed:

  • By organising work as a set of activities linked together (process approach) with a view to the continuous improvement of their effectiveness by planning them with a risk-based approach and the prevention of negative effects (risk based thinking) to increase the organisation’s ability to achieve the planned objectives, customer satisfaction, compliance with the requirements and the needs and requirements of the interested parties;
  • By active participation of management that defines the policy and the consequent objectives and makes available the necessary resources for their achievement;
  • By involving all employees in continuous improvement activities and awareness on the issues expressed in this policy;
  • By collaborating with clients and suppliers and with stakeholders in building an active and positive collaboration;

Every commitment set out in this policy is undertaken and measured by defining and complying with the general objectives set out herein.

In setting these objectives, Management has taken into due consideration:

  • the traditions, characteristics and peculiarities of the organisational structure;
  • the internal and external context in which it operates;
  • the needs and expectations of the stakeholders;
  • the risks and opportunities associated with its context and processes;

The company’s specific objectives, goals and performance are defined, measured and regularly monitored according to the type, size and nature of the company’s business activities.

The policy is the main reference for everyone’s behaviour and is communicated to all employees, associates, consultants, customers and suppliers.
In addition, it is available on the company website for all interested parties.

The Company Policy is periodically reviewed to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organisation’s commitments, objectives and goals and the changing conditions of the context in terms of opportunities and threats of the Health and Safety Management System.

The objective of this policy is to prevent and limit risks to workers and the workplace through:

  • compliance with laws and regulations, specific requirements, and technical standards regarding health and safety at work;
  • recognising the Management System as an integral part of its business performance and ensuring that the principles of the system are contained, communicated, understood and implemented at all significant levels of the organisation;
  • the adoption of the best methods of prevention, surveillance, protection, processes and technologies to reduce risks for workers and promote the prevention of accidents, near misses, injuries and occupational diseases, with a view to continuous improvement;
  • the pursuit of improving the effectiveness of processes and activities, the management of machines, plants and workplaces, to improve their performance and control the possible effects on workers in terms of health and safety at work;
  • communication to interested parties, providing, if requested, information on company services and accepting their requests and, in the case of workers, guaranteeing their involvement and consultation regarding health and safety, including through the workers’ health and safety representative;
  • the increasingly significant involvement of all its employees and the staff of external companies operating within the Organisation, so that they become increasingly aware of the importance of their role in the correct management of production processes and in the simultaneous improvement of environmental and working conditions;
  • ensuring the correct training of and providing of information to workers on the risks to company health and safety, in compliance with the laws in force.
  • Ensure that this Policy and the related Management System is distributed, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organisation, including subcontractors, and that the System is supported by regular and systematic training and education activities.
  • Raise awareness, involve, motivate staff towards sharing and pursuing specific process objectives and compliance with the requirements of the Management System;

In line with company policy, all workers and collaborators are required to make every effort to comply with the defined rules and proposals with a view to constantly improving company performance.