Ethical code

Sicep Spa’s policy has always been to pursue business activities with honesty and integrity, in compliance with high moral and ethical principles.
On 24/11/2008 the company, with a formal resolution of the Administrative Body, adopted a Code of Ethics, which integrates the framework of the rules underlying its Corporate Governance system, implementing the indications present in Legislative Decree 231/2001 .
The Code explains the commitments and responsibilities to which the directors, management and employees of the Company and its investee companies are called upon in conducting business and managing relationships with their stakeholders.
In compliance with the provisions of the decree, SICEP SPA has adopted the “Organizational Model 231” aimed at preventing the commission of crimes that may entail the administrative liability of the Company if carried out in the interest/advantage of the same as well as being a guide for all employees and collaborators, providing clear lines of conduct, control schemes and measures to ensure, as far as possible, the prevention of the commission of crimes and corrupt practices. The Model is made up of a set of rules, processes and procedures that promote integrity, transparency, correctness and honesty in internal relationships and with its stakeholders.
The task of supervising the effectiveness and application of the Code of Ethics and the Organizational Model is delegated to a Supervisory Body, equipped with autonomy, independence and powers of initiative and control.
For information or clarifications it is possible to send a communication to the following email address or by post to the Supervisory Body c/o Sicep Spa, with the guarantee of maximum confidentiality.