Wall panels

The aesthetic aspect of a precast concrete structure is mainly entrusted to the wall panels that cover it. These must meet the architectural needs of the designer and at the same time must be a quality product, which lasts over time and guarantees the performance required. Sicep offers the client different types of panels: with horizontal and/or vertical joints, with a thickness ranging from 20 to 30 cm, with different types of surface finish and variable performance in terms of insulation.

Types of standard panels

SICEP panels have the product certification of energy characteristics issued by ICMQ in accordance with UNI EN ISO 6946:2018 and Ministerial Decree 02/04/98. The panel anchoring systems, manufactured directly by SICEP, comply with the UNI EN 1090 -1:2012 standard for the CE marking of metal structures according to European Regulation CPR 305/2011/EU and are provided with a Declaration of Performance.

The surface finish of the panels can be made of smooth concrete or grits of different types and sizes

Perlato di Sicilia marble grit

Rosso Verona marble grit

Verde Alpi marble grit

Bianco Carrara marble grit

Lavic basalt grit

Black marble grit

Grits can be mixed together in various percentages resulting in multiple colour gradations. In addition, the panels can be made on matrices allowing particularly refined surface finishes.

Variations with respect to these grit lines and specific requests can be evaluated for large quantities.