Big constructions


C.D.S. Costruzioni s.p.a.




  • Blanket held for sale: 29,000 sq.m.
  • Covered parking: 14,200 sq.m.
  • Outdoor Parking: 14,200 square meters

C.D.S. Costruzioni s.p.a.

Plant overall

C.D.S. Costruzioni s.p.a. 

Division of the Body of the building



  • Shopping center “I PAPIRI”: multi composed of several sections joined (A, B, C, D).

C.D.S. Costruzioni s.p.a.

A body:

  • one elevation;
  • section pillars 60×60 cm;
  • wheelbase pillars 16×16 m;
  • beams inverted T;
  • roof slab vigor 70;
  • Overload provided for covering used for parking outside 400 Kg / sq m.

C.D.S. Costruzioni s.p.a.

Body B:

  • two floors;
  • section pillars 80×80 cm;
  • wheelbase pillars 16×8 m;
  • cross beams and inverted T;
  • intermediate floor TT80 and TT50 roof slab;
  • overload planned for the intermediate floor used for the sale of 1000 kg / sqm.

C.D.S. Costruzioni s.p.a.

Body C:

  • one elevation;
  • section pillars 70×70 cm;
  • wheelbase pillars 16×16 m;
  • cross beams and inverted T;
  • roof slab TT50.

C.D.S. Costruzioni s.p.a.

Body D:

  • two floors;
  • section pillars 70×60 cm;
  • wheelbase pillars 16×8 m;
  • beams to cross;
  • intermediate floor and roof slab 50 vigor.


  • R 90 for all intermediate floors and roofing of all bodies, except the intermediate floor of the body that D is R 120.ù


  • The body A is used as a covered parking;
  • The body B is used as shops in both plans;
  • The body C is used as hypermarkets;
  • The body D is used the ground floor as hypermarkets and first floor offices.

The external walls are formed by vertical panels AC, insulated, 20 cm thick, modulated on step by 2.50 m horizontal panels, insulated, 20 cm thick.

The finishes of the panels are of different types:

  • blasted color “pearl of Sicily” with false horizontal and vertical joints;
  • Smooth bottom formwork red;
  • Smooth bottom formwork red with application of coating stone material;


  • Supply contract in work of prefabricated: October 20, 2004;
  • Start assembling prefabricated structures: May 2005;
  • Final installation of prefabricated structures including ancillary works: October 2005;
  • Public opening of the mall: December 2005;

C.D.S. Costruzioni s.p.a.OTHER WORKS MADE

Sicep has designed and supplied by the transparent cover elliptical metal structure, built in the sales area of the body B.




Data sheet

  • Year: 2004
  • locality: Siracusa
  • Province: SR
  • Use: Multipurpose Center "I Papiri" - CARREFOUR
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