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The center covers a total surface area of 22,650 square meters and has a total area of 36,000 square meters implacati totaled.
The surfaces are distributed as follows:

  • 13,000 square meters of commercial and recreational area;
  • 3,750 square meters of cinemas;
  • 17,200 square meters of covered parking;

Intended Use

The entertainment center of St. Gregory of Catania will host recreational and commercial aimed to entertainment. Inside, there are in fact 11 cinemas, gyms, restaurants, shops, arcades and related services, including ample parking spaces, indoor and outdoor.
The entrance to the center, located on the south side of the lot (Body A), leads to a large hall full height around which are organized activities. From this, the ground floor, leads to commercial and service spaces. On the first floor there are however other commercial spaces and the foyer of access to cinemas (Body B).

Body Structure A

The recreation area and commercial (Body A) is structurally composed of concrete piers, knitted and variable height, that lead the floors consist of tiled vigor that realize spacious interiors and exteriors of irregular geometry. In this part of the building to the concrete structure integrates a plywood roof formed by warping the main composed of curved beams set at different heights and a secondary beams composed of smaller section.

Pianta II solaio Corpo A - Parcheggio
Map II attic Body A – Parking

Pianta II solaio Corpo A - ParcheggioBody cross sections A – parking and commercial activities

Body Structure B

Cinemas (Body B) are structurally composed of concrete piers, a regular grid and variable height, that lead the system of tiers also concrete beams formed by a knee (L = 11.00 m approximately) with overhanging steps (s = 12 cm). In this system, a particular type of connection between the concrete elements allows to reduce the transmission of sound waves between the salt contributing to the sound insulation of the same.
The salt, surface varying between 230 and 530 m (for a total of 3750 square meters), have a useful height average of about 12,00 me are closed at the top by a curved roof formed from tiles vigor concrete coated material metal.

pianta II solaio Sofocle Corpo BMap II floor Corps B – Cinema Halls

SezioniSofocle Corpo B1 SezioniSofocle Corpo B2Cross sections B Corps – Cinema Halls

Pianta II solaio Corpo A - ParcheggioLongitudinal sections B Corps – Cinema Halls


The tables are formed in part from concrete panels of a thickness of 20 cm, with grain finish structure volcanic and drawings in bas-relief, shaped so as to resume the curvature of the cover and in part by various coating materials.

Timing of realization

  • Start of production: December 2007;
  • End produzionw: October 2008;
  • Start editing: February 2008;
  • End fitting: October 2008.

NB: Sicep has designed, manufactured and supplied by the whole structure of reinforced concrete elevation.


Data sheet

  • Year: 2008
  • locality: S.Gregorio
  • Province: CT
  • Use: Entertainment Center
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