Global scarl. S.r.l. – Centro Commerciale Ciclope

Project Details:

Global scarl. S.r.l.

Centro Commerciale Ciclope

Completed in:

Construction system:
Multi-storey,Ondal System

Acireale, CT

Surface area:
approx. 28.000 sqm

The shopping centre “Centro Commerciale Ciclope” created by GLOBAL SCARL. S.R.L. is located in Acireale on the SS114 in the stretch that connects Catania to Acireale. Its position is strategic because in that area there was no integrated commercial structure of such scale that adequately served its vast catchment area (between 150 and 200 thousand inhabitants).
The multi-storey building occupies a total covered sales area of 11,000 square metres and a covered parking area of 17,000 square metres. It is made up of two bodies, one used entirely as a hypermarket and covered car park, the other used as a shopping arcade and undercover car park. Structurally, the building is characterised by a very wide mesh of columns that required the use of fiondal roof elements of 31 m of span with high fire resistance.