Sicep renovates belpasso plant

The year 2021 saw the start of an extensive renovation program of the Belpasso plant, which continued in the year 2022. Several new systems were installed in the plant, and others were renewed, meeting the most modern and efficient standards of industry 4.0 .
With the help of Rina Consulting, a software development company and with the support of prefabrication plant suppliers, SICEP has entirely developed an advanced interconnection between the recently purchased production plants and the ERP, also recently developed with a view to maximizing and timely information available. This allows you to optimize production processes, monitoring in real time the parameters that determine the performance of processes and products in qualitative and quantitative terms.

Among the new plants, the flagship is represented by the  Marcantonini Concrete Technology concrete mixing plant .  With an overall production capacity of 60 m3/h, it is made up of 3 1.5 m3 forced-running planetary mixers equipped with microwave sensors and working conditions monitoring systems that allow the quality of the product to be ensured and tracked of the production process in real time, converging and centralizing all the information in the factory information system.

The plant is controlled by a computerized system for the management and control of the entire production cycle, from the formulation and archiving of the mix designs, to the dosing of the materials up to the aerial distribution of the concrete in all the production lines of the plant. This system was developed to simplify the concrete production and distribution process by optimizing the degree of use of the machines, to make production data and related costs available and exchange with company management software.

Furthermore, a series of new formwork was installed with which the particular structures of the wet node system were created for the  construction of the new ST Microelectronics factory  in the industrial area of ​​Catania. Soon, new tilting benches for infill panels will also be operational which will allow the quality of the finished product to be increased and a new self-reacting formwork with automatic variable geometry for beams of various sections. The latter, together with a new formwork for TT tiles also with a variable section, will allow set-up times to be reduced, increasing productivity and flexibility.